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[GB] FLX Virgo R2 - GB concluded - Extras raffle starts today 8th of December.

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The FLX Virgo is back for Round 2!

GB Details:
- There will be 200 available units for the GB, spots will be raffled.
- The raffle will be open for 24 hours from noon 12:00 CEST, the 23rd of September
- Raffle will be held here: , you have to be logged into discord to be able to enter the raffle.
- We will be available on discord for any support/questions and here on GH.
- When entering the raffle, you will be asked which color Virgo you want, and if you want extras like the VirgoPad and/or wristrest.
- Winners will be drawn on Sunday/Monday. Winners will receive an e-mail from us, where you will be directed to our website to register an account, once logged into your account (with the e-mail you entered the raffle with), you can add 1 Virgo of your choice and as many extras as you want. You will have 24 hours to check out and pay your invoice.
- Anyone will be able to buy any extras without entering the raffle. This includes the VirgoPad, PCBs, plates, wrist rests and carrying bags.
- We expect to ship the boards in May 2023.

- 12-degree Split TKL
- 7 degree typing angle
- Custom PCB, VIA, Vial and QMK compatible with USB-C daughterboard, layout here:

- Top, and bottom made from 6063 aluminium
- Comes with a 5052 aluminium plate as standard for Alu. board, and PC plate for PC board, with additional plate options in Brass, Pc, POM, FR4 and CF.
- Grommet mounting isolates plate from chassis
- Brass weight with PVD finish
- Options to add a matching VirgoPad
- Options to add a matching (or non-matching) wrist rest
- Comes with a custom carrying case that fits the board, extra plates, PCBs, and the optional wrist rest.
- Board uses AKB-Feet
- Fully built Alu. Virgo weighs 3540 grams, wrist rest in Alu. weighs 1500 grams, VirgoPad weighs 850 grams.

$650 for kit
$209 for VirgoPad
$99 for alu/PC wrist rest
$90 for Wooden wrist rest by Digital-Carpentry
$89 for additional weight (clear brass, multicolour matte PVD, matte black PVD, mirror black PVD)
$65 for extra PCB with daughterboard
$60 for Brass plate
$50 for POM plate
$50 for PC plate
$50 for CF plate
$45 for FR4 plate
$50 for Alu plate
$65 for extra carrying case
$45 for VirgoPad extra PCB
$30 for VirgoPad Brass plate
$25 for VirgoPad POM plate
$20 for VirgoPad FR4 plate
$25 for VirgoPad Alu Plate
$25 for VirgoPad CF plate
We will ship everything from our warehouse in Norway, using DHL as our courier.
Colour options:
PC with multicolour PVD brass weight


Beige with matte black PVD brass weight


Teak with matte black PVD brass weight


Void with mirror black PVD weight



More renders/Photos:

Wrist rest


PCB Renders

Build streams:
Aleoxtos stream of a Beige unit

Lultzhax stream of a PC unit

Who is FLX?
I am me; you are you; I chose antipode to run round 2
Who is Antipode?
Antipode is a collective of Norwegian vendors, designers, friends and keyboard enthusiasts that have banded together to start a vendor, we focus on limited in-stock keyboards and keysets. We have many fantastic projects in the works and expect to have our first board, the Vero by AKB, a true HHKB layout board available for sale in-stock in October.

Follow us here:

Approved :thumb:


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Virgo is one of my grail boards, glad to see a second round! Stellar job everyone!


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