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Win and Menu keys no longer working on Varmilo VA108M


For some reason, the bottom row Win and Menu keys are no longer working on my Varmilo VA108M. It is connected to a desktop PC running Windows 8.1 via USB. The Ctrl and Alt keys work fine, but Windows itself does not seem to receive any scan codes for the Win or Menu keys. A keyscan sniffer detects nothing when they are held down.

How can this be fixed?

Okay, so a search here on GH revealed that the Win keys can be enabled/disabled (i.e., toggled) by pressing FN+Win. So that problem has been solved.

But it makes me curious now; what else can the FN (i.e., Menu) key do on a Varmilo keyboard?

I found this via Google, but it is for Varmilo bluetooth keyboards, so I'm not sure which of the listed non-bluetooth functions remain relevant to (any other) non-bluetooth Varmilo boards (like the VA108M).


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