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--- Quote from: Lansky on Tue, 18 September 2018, 08:56:04 ---Here's a comparison of the V2 ring and a Hypersphere ring thickness. Sorry for the shotty image quality, unfortunately I don't own a macro lens.

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--- End quote ---

Sorry to necro, but I'm really curious about the thickness of the Keyclack V2 rings, and it's hard to tell from this pic how they compare to Hyperspheres. It looks like the Keyclack ring has a layer of adhesive or something? Does that add to the thickness?

I silenced my HHKB using rubber o-rings that are roughly 0.5mm thick and although I'm happy with the feel and sound, I'm worried about long term loss of tactility due to the slight compression of the domes. Would I be better off swapping for the Keyclack rings? Or the Silence-X ones?


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