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[IC] GMK Taiga | GB Starts on the 22nd of July

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--- Quote from: neilli on Sat, 11 June 2022, 03:00:36 ---Is it possible to add a kit with perestroika’s color, should be a win win win and even win case!

--- End quote ---

and mizu colors. also, darling colors. maybe nerco aswell. and every other set made by other people currently trading for $400-$1000 on mechmarket that i'm upset i missed out on. win win win win win win win


Are you planning to add latin alphas as a extra kit?


--- Quote from: phinix on Thu, 30 June 2022, 02:48:21 ---Are you planning to add latin alphas as a extra kit?

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Not sure if it's been mentioned in this GH thread, but on the designer's discord, it's been mentioned that they'll be avoiding a latin alphas kit as to ensure that the cyrillic kit ends up meeting MOQ.

Hope we get a gb date soon.

pls consider

pgup pgdn in base kit

ilumkb or monokei for sea vendor


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