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[IC] The Gentoo - A Penguin Themed 65% Keyboard

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Hello everyone.

Welcome to The Gentoo.

IC Form:


The Gentoo is a penguin themed, 65% keyboard that is a clear successor to my previously released board, The Adélie. With The Adelie paying homage to my favorite types of boards, sub 60's, it excluded the number row. For some, this was a deal breaker and I can't say that I blame them.

"Gentoo" is the name of a different species of penguin and as the name of this board works two fold: not only is this board the "Gen 2" of its predecessor, the Gentoo penguin, as you can see here, is a slightly larger penguin than the Adélie which I find aptly describes the relation between this board and the last.

*two weights are not included, for this render, they are simply for presentation of both sides.*

Board Details
Gasket mount.
6 Degree typing angle.
Side weight accents.
Daughter board, centered USB.
QMK and VIA compatible
[Bottom/Internal] Brass Weight.
Approx. 2.33 kg [5.13 lbs] unbuilt assuming brass plate.
Plate Materials: Brass, FR4, Carbon Fiber

Color Options
Navy : Brass, Sandblasted*
Black : Brass, PVD Silver
Green : Brass, Sandblasted
E- White : Brass, Sandblasted

The Adélie keyboard, at the time of group buy, offered all configurations with PVD Brass. For the Gentoo, the black and silver color scheme will remain. As for the other options ​I have opted for sand blasted brass as a more neutral element to mesh better with more keysets.

*The blue for the Gentoo is not the same blue as the Adélie.

*Color options are only speculated; colors, materials, and finishes are not final.

Likely very similarly priced to the Adélie which retailed for $550 USD.

The model is complete, the PCB is in the works. Assembling the vendors necessary to set a group buy date and begin prototyping.

Layout Options

Group Buy Details
Likely first come first serve just as the Adélie was run. The amount of units per region will be determined after vendors are gathered.

USA/NA: Cannon Keys
CA: Deskhero
EU: MyKeyboard EU
Asia: iLumkb
AU: Daily Clack

GB Date: 2021



IC Form:


Interest Check Created


Shoutouts and credits:

Huge thanks to all the vendors of the Adelie for taking on my projects time and time again and letting people like me make cool things for people

I love my Adelie, great to see this design coming back again! Very tempted to pick the Gentoo up :D

Sussy Amogus

After binge watching Atypical last weekend, mentions of penguins are heartwarming. This looks excellent, GLWIC!

Gentoo can get in my belly - love the design! Adelie was just a bit small so this is perf!


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