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[IC] The Gentoo - A Penguin Themed 65% Keyboard - Group Buy May 28, 11am EST

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Oh nice, a linux theme board.

Looking good, excited to see protos!

e white brass with bingsu is pretty hot

I now have a functioning prototype in hand, programmed and all though is not in any of the group buy colors. VIA is already set up, Cannon Keys is working on a hotswap version of the PCB.

Some changes need to be made before another round of protos in which we will be getting one in each of the group buy colors for photos.

Thanks for checking in on this, I am excited for movement on this board.


--- Quote from: GFWD on Tue, 02 November 2021, 16:45:46 ---Any idea yet on number of boards that will be available FCFS?

I need to control my excitement and expectations as I have yet to succeed on any FCFS group buy so far :)

--- End quote ---

Hoping to be around 250 for US, I am not certain about the other vendors at this time.

--- Quote from: ZeroZeroOne on Mon, 29 November 2021, 14:23:00 ---Any more info on when the GB will be running ?

--- End quote ---

We are now aiming for March 2022


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