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[IC] DCS Blue Moon - GB Feb 2nd-March 2nd | Hibi and Keybee Collabs Announced

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GB post is up:

8/23: Added link to DCS Blue Moon channel in the Vala Supply Discord.
         Added GB Date and Pricing section.
8/31: Added link to my new discord.
11/8: Big Update:
         General Changes: Added new renders with better color-matching, added collabs, adjusted target pricing, removed color comparison, added new pictures of samples.
         Kitting Changes: Removed Blood Moon kit, adding alt alphas kit instead. Renamed Spacebars kit to Extension.
         Base Kit: Added R2 esc.
         Novelties: Added support for dual macro columns, removed mod colored iso enter.
         Extension: Removed white spacebars. Included uk-iso and full hhkb support.
         10u Spacebars: Removed 10u wire.
12/3: Added link to new IC form.
12/27: Added target pricing for extension kit.
1/17: Added to alt alphas kit to include iso layout support.

lovely set neely


You love to see it, nice work Neely, looking forward to this set  :cool:

Big fan of the 10u bars.


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