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Looking for high quality ABS back lit black keycaps

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I am looking for high quality ABS black back lit keycaps to replace my PBT back lit keycaps on my Ducky Shine 7. Can anyone recommend some that are high quality?

Thing is, with backlit, most custom sets don't do backlit and you're only real options will prolly be something from taihao

Generally “high quality” and “backlit” are an oxymoron. You might need to settle for an aliexpress or taihao clone

I’ve been trying to think of exceptions but am coming up short.

Ducky used to have some very good ABS backlit sets.

Although backlit ABS keycaps tend to wear over time so the legends end up as just big splodges of light on the keycaps.

PBT is better - any reason why you don't like the PBT ones?

These are PBT, but they are also double-shot, so they don't have the growing splotch of light issue:


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