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[IC] Eri F12 TKL

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Itís a basic tkl with a big weight and a bottom gasket design.

geekhack sucks at showing youtube videos so click the link to hear the soundtest if it's broken

Geekark Dolch - set by Kumori, render by eg0t1st1k4l

GMK 1520 - set & render by hark

Technical Specs:
18.5mm front height from front bezel, 19.65mm from the inside edge of the bezel
7deg angle
~3kg (6.6 pounds) unbuilt, 3.6kg (7 pounds) built w/ a brass weight
Ai03 UDB
Seperate ISO/ANSI Plates
PCB by Lfgberg (QMK/VIA compat)
Screwless, Seamless
Forced WKL

Keyspresso, rest tbd

Special thanks to:
Hugo - vendor
Lfgberg - pcb design
eg0t1st1k4l - renders
hark - renders
Siege - general advice and checking manufacturability
mangeHD - internal help

finally, shoutout to zdc for all their support <3


Mounting Style
Eri uses a bottom gasket mounting style, with the screw going straight through the gasket. The intent of the bottom gasket is to not mute the sound as much as a full isolation mount gasket, as the vibrations are not dampened on both the top and bottom of the plate.

This IC helps determine the amount of units that will be included in the gb. As such, there's no gb unit amount currently decided.

I can't give an estimate on pricing as I don't want to set up any false expectations but I'll try to keep it at a reasonable level, especially for the brass weight.


Wow that black set looks really good ;)

looks good 🅱ro! glwic


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