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Zealio 67g (V1) switch review

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--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Sun, 10 October 2021, 23:49:28 ---Interesting. Could you tell me how the tactility of the V1 compares with the Kiwis?

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Two very different switches as the Zeals v1 have a bit of travel leading to more pronounced bump. Kiwis have no preload and the tactility is very pronounced yet smooth all the way through the switch. I like the tactility on both but v1 interfere with every keycap set I own and have a load more stem wobble then the kiwis.

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Thanks. I had a single Kiwi switch to test, and I thought it was a good overall tactile, but more tactile than I'd like. It felt like a slightly more intense T1. They really got the tactility down, if that was their goal, and it's an attractive switch.

I prefer Cherry-like tactility with the pre-travel followed by pronounced bump, so I would probably prefer the Zealio V1. I've been moving to 'near-linear' tactiles, though, so I'm not sure the V1 is relevant to me anymore.

The old-generation Zealio V1 did have significant stem wobble, but it was reduced somewhat in later revisions. They are likely trying once again to reduce wobble in the latest revision.

ya I used a generous amount of 205g0 to tone down the tactility of the switch. Still need to get perform a spring swap to hopefully get rid of the spring ping that the switch suffers from.

Yeah, Gateron never fixed Zealio springs, not even in V2.


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