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[IC] GMK Zmō「自摸」- Hibi Metal Artisan Reveal | GB 5/5 to 6/6 2022

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The deskmat matches more with cangjie sublegend, as Hongkonger mainly uses cangjie or quick input, which is basically a simplified version of cangjie. If you want the keep the deskmat design, I think a base kit with cangjie sublegend makes more sense, and you can add a alt alpha kit for zhuyin sublegend.

Also please dont use Mandarin pinyin next to something that mentions Hong Kong. They dont belong to be in the same place. Removing Zmō from the deskmat would be a lot better.

yep i love it... if kit gets too expensive i think its OK to force accents


novelties looks amazing, 129$ for a basekit seems reasonable, glwic

G1800 renders are genius. Nice work.


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