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[IC] BLASTER75 by ALTAiN - 75% Top-Mount, Pen Holder Board (Price/Media Update)

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1. Introduction

This is ALTAiN's first project, Blaster75.
A 75% layout Custom mechanical keyboard, themed after laser blasters.

A little background on our project development story - We were fascinated by 75% layout keyboard
as it has TKL functionality intact while keeping the overall size smaller. We were also keen on maintaining
minimum blank spaces around typing areas as much as possible. Thus we chose 75% layout as our first project's
major aim.

Media Coverage

1. NAOGOL (Unanodized Prototype, polished)

2. Features & Specs

Housing Material : Aluminum 6061
Plate Material : Aluminum 6061
Typing Angle : 6 degree
Weight Material : Stainless Steel - SUS304
Feet : Silicon Pad, Double-side taped
Weight when assembled : 2.3~2.4kg (~5 lb)
** See the Dimensions and Weight section below for assembly weight verification!
Colours offered : Black, Gray, Navy
* Blaster 75 will also be launching with limited Special Colour Edition, details TBD.

PCB Specs : 75% Layout, ATMega32u4 MCU, USB C-Type, ANSI/Solderable ONLY.
Layout Support :

* We are currently working on (1) finalizing our PCB Sampling, (2) completing QMK-based Firmware,
and (3) officially supporting our pcb with QMK / VIA. This will take some time to complete.
We will be updating our PCB Sample pictures as soon as they are ready,
and release the base firmware once our Discord and the firmware are both up and running. 

Dimensions and Weight:

Prototype is built with Aqua King (stock), Swagkey V2 Stabs (produced by JWK)

Special thanks to Blacksimon for pointing out the weight!

3. Renders
* Disclaimer:
MorePrototype photos and renders were slightly edited for colour accuracy.
Colours may appear differently depending on displays and light.

4. Prototypes (NOT A RENDER)

* Disclaimer:
MorePrototype photos and renders were slightly edited for colour accuracy.
Colours may appear differently depending on displays and light.

More proto shots will be updated.

5. Kit Components

   1 x Top Housing
   1 x Bottom Housing
   1 x Plate
   1 x PCB
   1 x Weight
   1 x Poron Foam
   10 x Silicon Feet
   Screws (Some Extras included)
   1 x L-Wrench Driver for Assembly

6. Price and Quantity

Quantity - 300 units capped, FCFS. This is subject to change any time prior to the actual GB.
Price - TBD, but we are estimating Mid - $400 USD, w/o Shipping.

7. Timeline

   GB Launch: ~April Q2 2022(TBD, Most likely mid-June)
   GB End: 1 month after Launch
   Fulfillment: Q3~Q4 2022 (Apprx. 4 months after GB End)

8. Special Notes

Altain is a team of a keyboard hobbyist and a designer located in South Korea. We started working on Blaster75 Project since the January 2021.
We'll be working on creating our Discord server too! Once created we will post the invite links for anyone who's interested in Blaster75 and our future projects.
Your Constructive Criticisms and Feedback are always welcome! We expect to learn much from, and give our best back, to the community.
All information above may be subject to change prior to the actual Group Buy and finalization of its details.
Copy the codes below and paste it on your Signature at your forum profile to support us, if you'd like!

--- Code: ---[url=https://][img][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

Join our discord for updates!
Altain is a legitimate and legally protected Trademark. Blaster75 is copyright-protected.

Reserved for FAQ.


* Yes, we are very sorry Hotswap PCB is not available. But we will definitely be working on RGB-enabled Hotswap PCB in near future!

I love the design , very unique . I am very interested  :thumb:

I've split the Update section for better clearance.

Update history:
22.03.20 - images fixed for now, at least on my end. Please let me know if there's anything wrong with the images!
22.03.21 - images properly fixed using imgur links. IC contents updated for better visibility.
22.03.24 - We've made a Quick Survey Form, and we'd like to hear your opinions!
Here is the link :
22.03.27 - We opened our Discord Channel and created our IC Form! We'd like to hear your opinions, feedback, and thoughts. Please refer to the links below:
Discord :
IC Form :
22.04.04 - We've updated minor info on our IC - Dimensions and weight, price, and GB Timeline Sections. We'll be updating more pics and info as we finalize our project in bits and pieces and make them whole.
We've also ordered another round of prototypes for all our parts and they will be on our hands by the end of April or early May if everything goes smooth and well.
22.05.18 - new pricing and media update.

No hotswap. Next time my friend.


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