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[IC] Aluminium Mizu Keycap, Aurora x Mizu AE - GB will end in 24 hours

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Update:GB will end in 24 hours

Update: May 28

GB will on Wuque Studio will be June 2nd, 8AM, Beijing Time/June 1st, 5 PM PST

Alumizu Keycap page:
Aurora x Mizu AE Bundle Page (Limited to 1000):

New Video

Keycap Pricing

Base Kit US$279
Num Pad Kit US$72
TKL Kit US$69
Mod Extension Kit US$65
Accent Kit US$35
Novelties US$79
Spacebar Kit US$45
40s Kit US$89
Blank Kit US$39
WS Special Kit US$30


US: CannonKeys ( June  2nd, time TBD)
Canada:  (June  2nd, time TBD)
EU: Mykeyboard (TBD)
UK: Proto[Typist]  (June  2nd, time TBD)
Oceania: DailyClack  (TBD)
China:  (June 2nd, time TBD)
Singapore: ilumkb  (June  2nd, 11AM, Beijing Time)
Japan: Yushakobo  (TBD)
South Korea: Bravotec  (June  2nd, time TBD)
Malaysia: Rebult  (June  2nd, 8 PM, Beijing Time)
Taiwan: Inpad  (TBD)
Thailand: Gamingplanet  (June  2nd, time TBD)
Vietnam: Taobaosop  (TBD)
Rest of the world: ( June  2nd, 8AM, Beijing Time/June 1st, 5 PM PST)

Update: May 20

Final Kitting Renders:

Aurora x Mizu Alu Keyboard Kit Prototype Photos:

Keycap video:
Typing Test

Keycap Pricing
Base Kit US$279
Num Pad Kit US$72
TKL Kit US$69
Mod Extension Kit US$65
Accent Kit US$35
Novelties US$79
Spacebar Kit US$45
40s Kit US$89
Blank Kit US$39

We also have a vote for the Mizu board's badge, please vote for the one you like:


GB Time
GB will start before end of May, will announce in the coming week.

We will release vendors lists when announcing exact GB time.

Update: May 10th


Hi everyone,

Thank you for following our project! We have received tons of feedback in the past month, one of the most important request we found was to make it compatible with more layouts and make it less expensive. While the manufacturing cost is extremely high for such keycaps, we are still trying to work out some solutions to meet the needs. So we come back with the kitting update.

Current Updated kitting (NOT FINAL) and Prototype Photos
The base kit shown above is quite comprehensive and costs $320+-.

We're contemplating splitting that base kit even further to make it cheaper for 60/65% and for those who don't need extensive compatibility in the base kit. Per key price will go up, but the overall price will go down for the base kit in this setup.

Please fill out the IC form to voice your opinion

Aluminum Mizu Keycap Kitting Survey
About the keycaps' manufacturing
We use CNC engraving and double anodization treatment to ensure the keycaps come out decently and long-lasting.

Hi Everyone,

We are thrilled to let you know that we finally received the aluminum Mizu Keycap after waiting for about 6 months. The prototype comes out more stunning than we imagine, and we would love to share with you for more ideas before we start a GB for it.

Prototype photos

More details at


Please feel free to fill in our IC form to let us know what you think.

IC Form at


Please feel free to join Wuque Studio Discord at

Finally, many thanks to @Rensuya help us make it happen!

Thank you again!


I was disappointed with the recent Aluvia. I hope this would be more consistent.

Is it possible for the silvers to be changed to e-white or power coat white? This would look more like Mizu.

Lastly, can we get a typing test? :)

Stilou Studio:
Very interested in pricing and lead time for this

Would love numpad support, either in the base kit or as an extra kit. Give those 1800 folks some love on these aluminum sets!

Interesting set indeed! What's the MoQ you guys are planning for this R1?


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