Author Topic: Keychron K8 review (Gateron KS-22 optical)  (Read 2745 times)

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Keychron K8 review (Gateron KS-22 optical)
« on: Thu, 19 October 2023, 16:41:14 »
Today we look at a very interesting offering from Keychron; the K8, their optical keyboard model! These switches are supremely interesting, and the K series has been requested a lot previously, so I hope you enjoy the video! :)

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Re: Keychron K8 review (Gateron KS-22 optical)
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 20 October 2023, 08:09:25 »
My only experience with true contactless linears are some magnetic reeds on a very old calculator. Alps greens and MX reds are fine by my standards, but you can't beat the smoothness of no contact at all if you're truly aiming for linears (I like the Alps greens quite a bit but it's largely <i>because</i> they're more of an incognito tactile than a true linear.) The click leaf is intriguing, though with its size I do wonder how long it'll hold up to use and feel consistent.

Great review as always, though your "HIIIIIIIDEEEEOOOUUSSSSSSS"'s are reaching a point where I can't watch these videos late at night near a sleeping partner anymore.
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