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[IC] DSA Leviathan! The Horror Returns! POSTPONED!

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Hey everyone,
The Aeternus team and I have agreed that this is not a great time to run DSA Leviathan. The increased lead times at Signature Plastics, their increased pricing, the lackluster Interest Check response, and the diminishing success of keyset Group Buys these last few months have all culminated into this tough decision.

This is not the end for DSA Leviathan, though. We will continue to look for an opportunity to run this in the future, when it is more likely to succeed and we can get everyone the set they deserve.

Thank you all for your support! Stay safe and have a great summer.


Hello Fellow Writhing Masses and Gibbering Horrors! 
Explore the depths and long for the void as the stars align in this keycap set inspired by the OG SA Leviathan run.
This keycap set will be ran with Signature Plastics in doubleshot DSA and maintain the OG colors VAT Green and BFR Blue.
OCM was kind enough to give a big thumbs up on this project and even provide the original novelties!
The DSA run is set apart from the SA run with unspeakable custom text mods! I hope you enjoy!

Since the profile is UNIFORM DSA, there is broad support for all sized boards! Including 1800, fullsize, 75%, 65%, 60%, 40%, and ortho!

Why DSA? Why Not Insert Profile Here?
Lets get this question out of the way!

This project is a DSA project and will not be changing to another profile for several reasons. First and foremost, my vision for
this set is to use Lovecraftian-inspired terminology as agnostic text mods that can be placed in any position where a compatible keysize can go.
This requires a uniform keycap profile. Next, I wanted to keep the OG colors VAT Green and BFR Blue which are offered by Signature Plastics.
Choosing another double-shot DSA manufacturer would require color matching. We can skip that step entirely by simply using SP's in-stock colors.
Lastly, any profile changes would require MASSIVE re-kitting and re-envisioning and I am concerned that this project may lose its "soul" in the process.
If DSA is not for you, I understand! Thank you for taking the time to visit the IC and offer any feedback and criticism!

Please show your interest with this handy-dandy IC form and share any feedback!
∞∞ DSA Leviathan IC Form ∞

∞ Colors
The two colors will be Signature Plastic's in-stock VAT Green and BFR Blue.
These two colors are from the original SA Leviathan run.
You can find a color glossary on SP's retail website HERE.

∞ Kits

∞ Renders

Renders by Olivia

Artemis by Halo

Gridiron Ortho

Gridiron Stagger


Extra Renders ||| May not reflect current kitting!




∞ Collaborations

∞ P3DStore (resin knobs) More
∞ Slime Scholar (artisan) More
∞ KrakenKap (artisan) More
∞ Archetype (artisan)

∞ Rikkachet (artisan) More

∞ Vendors

US - Aeternus
CA - Kanata Keys
OCE - Mountain Keyboards

∞ To-Do List

∞ Pricing (in progress)
∞ Find additional proxies (in progress)

∞ Changelog

∞ May 9th, 2022 - GH IC posted
∞ May 11th, 2022 - OCE Vendor Announced
∞ May 13th, 2022 - EU Vendor Announced

∞ Contact

∞ Discord - DrRatsby#0007

∞ Discord Discussion
∞ Aeternus -

∞ Special Thanks

∞ Olivia - for the dope renders!
∞ OCM - for giving a thumbs up on resurrecting the Leviathan!
∞ Dede - for the kitting help and invaluable feedback on how to run a successful IC!
∞ Taylor - for believing in this project and giving it legs as lead vendor with Aeternus!

EU Vendor announced! Please welcome:


Additional vendor announcements are in the works, so stay tuned everyone and thanks for your interest so far!  :cool:

so glad this set is coming back

I guess this set is ok

Already bought most SA LEVIATHAN kits along with a deskpad a few years ago, but would consider this DSA release for a not so expensive, daily driver keeb; are there going to be also deskpads and custom USB cables with this round? Thanks! (Already filled the IC form)


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