Author Topic: XCJZ Jerrzi Lotus Stem Switch Review  (Read 5632 times)

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XCJZ Jerrzi Lotus Stem Switch Review
« on: Sun, 16 July 2023, 10:55:43 »
Hey all,

Another few weeks has come and went and I'm back with yet another switch review. This week I take a look into the new XCJZ Jerrzi Lotus Stem clicky switches as well as speculate on just maybe who made these switches...

Scorecard Repository:
Force Curve Repository:

As always, thank you all for the continued readership and support across all of my various platforms. In the event you don't catch it at the start of this review either, I am now planning to crash the Chicago Keyboard Meetup here at the end of this month. Hope to meet some of you there!