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[IC] GMK CYL FTRO - A Message From The Future! April 5-26th, 2024

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no relegendables means I'll have to pass


--- Quote from: mr_foggy on Tue, 26 March 2024, 05:01:50 ---no relegendables means I'll have to pass

--- End quote ---

see you next time, space cowboy

--- Quote from: JSaintS on Tue, 26 March 2024, 03:23:02 ---I cannot say I cared about the spacebars and return keys (but that is only me, of course), though I was only interested in the yellow accents, not the white ones, and was really interested in the arrows. The set without accents is nice but the accents really made it pop. I will have to see the price of the new accent kit before I decide to jump in or not. It was a definite buy before the change, so hypothetically a sad day for me.

--- End quote ---

choosing to make some cuts is always a sad day. while i expect that not everyone will be happy with the end result, I believe this one to be the most efficient option.


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