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[IC] GMK CYL FTRO - A Message From The Future! April 5-26th, 2024

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Hi, are the colors all custom colors?


--- Quote from: LightningXI on Wed, 24 January 2024, 17:43:49 ---Hi, are the colors all custom colors?

--- End quote ---

AYYY! So only one of them is. The white is GMK 3K, the yellow is GMK N6, and the Gray is a custom (SP GTD).

Do people still use APL in the future?

I really hope not.
I once interviewed at a company that developed software in APL. They taught me the basics, gave me a couple assignments (using keyboards without APL legends) and then taunted me for not using the = operator as "not xor". I had been too preoccupied with typing wrong to have time to think that way about the program.
My mum had to use that company's software at work. Everyone there hated to use it.

Great and yellow are such a great pairing :thumb:

2024 and not triple shot.

GMK is falling behind in my opinion.

DMK Donuts has ruined me.

Looks great, would buy if triple shot.

JTK does it and DMK does it. We should be at the point that GMK should be able to do front molded triple or quad shot.


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