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[IC]Zoom65 V3-Tail Light Design Vote, Weight&Badge Community Design and more

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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to see that a lot amount of people are interested in Zoom65V3 new design and joined discussion about this project. We are advancing the progress of the project and have brought some small updates this time.

Before we move on we just wanted to highlight a few things regarding questions and what is in this IC:

●Each board will include 7 mounting options all in the kit - you don't have to simple pick one, you can switch each mounting style at any time

●We have heard the feedback regarding the red tailight and updated to a transparent one, you can find an example further down in the IC - we would greatly appreciate your feedback on this

●Our Weight and Badge Design Competition has now started, again, you can find more about this and our Discord further down

Zoom65V3 Landing page


Case with transparent tail light accent renders
Partial new colorways renders update
Case with red tail light accents
Original Classic Zoom65 case
Special Panda version
Zoom65 V3XCupid


Tail Light Accent Color Vote

In the initial design, we designed the color of the tail light accent to be red based on the design inspiration of car tail lights. Many customers are very interested in this special design. At the same time, some customers also want to see designs in different colors. We have updated this with a transparent tail light accent this time, join our IC form to vote for the design you liked.
Tail Light Accent Color Vote

Weight & Badge Community Design

In addition to the classic telescope weights, we have also designed weights in different patterns for additional choices. At the same time, we will also hold a design competition for external weights and badges. Welcome to join our discord to learn more

5 New colors this year, added to old Zoom series: Aquamarine, Klein Blue, Peach Fuzz, Viva Magenta, Cafe Brown

All 16 colors:  SE Lavender, SE Black, E-White, Black, White, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, Klein Blue, Blush Pink, Milk Tea, Strawberry Ice Cream, Milky Green, Peach Fuzz, Scarlet Red, Viva Magenta, Cafe Brown

Screwless Quick Assembly System - Allows DIY as Easy as Lego

Catchball screwless assembly structure

The top and bottom cases can be assembled and disasembled with catchball, there are so many catchballs on the market but most of their elastic will decay after some time. We spent over 2 months on sourcing a professional manufacturers and finally find one from the 8 we tried. They adjusted the elasticity and gap we needed, making a very good balance to fit into our design.

Catchball system GIF

Magnetic connection system

Custom magnetic PCB plug connectors

Normal plug connectors are too big, and we must make sure it can fit our keyboard seamless for the perfect typing feel and sound we want. It's very uneasy for us to find existing one, we tried  about 5, but the whole team felt that we should not compromise on this one.  We really don't want to see it imperfect because of this, so we go deep into the rabbit hole (yes, product development is another rabit hole!!!!) and... CUSTOM IT AGAIN! Result was, 3 more weeks spent...

Render of the PCB connecter

Magnetic weight for easy changes

This time, we can change the round weight on the bottom case thanks to this design :) We provide so many coloful ones as extra and also we can have the 2.4G receiver hidden and stored!

Seven Mounting System - All provide in kit, change mounting style at any time

Mount One – Short-Arm Spring Mounting

Short-Arm Spring Mounting

Mount Two – Non-Load Bearing Spring Mounting

Non-Load Bearing Spring Mounting

Mount Three – Split O-Ring Mounting

Split O-Ring Mounting

Mount Four – Magnetic Levitation Mounting

Magnetic Leviatation Mounting

Mount Five – Silica Gel Particle Mounting

Silica Gel Particle Mounting

Mount Six – Top Mount

Top Mount

Mount Seven – Floating Pogo Pin Mounting

Floating Pogo Pin Mounting


New Colors Details

ZOOM has always been a major challenge for us. Based on past efforts, ZOOM65 V3 retains the 11 colors that everyone loves and also adds 5 new colors.
Except for 3 electrostatic coated colors (Black, White, Strawberry Ice Cream) and 3 anodized colors (SE Black, SE Lavender, Viva Magenta), we have all adjusted the remaining colors to  an electrophoresis coat to give our community more texture choice.

Opening color tanks to check these colors has cost us a lot of manpower and material resources and we promise that there will be no increase in price for these extra efforts :)
There have been some considerations on how to balance the finish's smoothness and the metallic luster. Regarding whether the anodize is smooth or not, whether it has metallic luster or not, we have made a lot of efforts and tests to balance this point. Here, we will briefly explain the anodizing process in the simplest way (simplifying many steps, focusing on the important ones).

1.CNC raw aluminum products
2.Acidic wash
3.Anodized coloring

If we are in the second step above, the longer the acidic washing time, the smoother the surface will be, and the knife marks and so on will be gone. However, there will be a problem, that is, waiting for you when anodizing is used, there is no metallic luster.

There are many people who like a smooth surface, but the essence of anodizing is metallic luster. From a professional point of view, metallic luster is one of the criteria for judging the quality of anodizing. So how do we balance this?
We also discussed it with our friends. In the end, we decided to choose a middle standard between smoothness and metallic luster. We will try our best to be as smooth as possible while ensuring the metallic luster while being ourselves. And you will see these case have both a smooth finish and still can feel the premium metallic luster an aluminim board should have.

Part of Colors Renders
This time ZOOM65 V3, we also brought a Panda limited version.

As China’s national treasure, the great panda has fans from all around the world. However, in the early years, the cute giant panda also faced near extinction. With this fresh inspiration, we designed a special black and white Panda model. While not only expressing the great creatures in our Chinese culture, we can also bring attention to everyone to protect wild animals and maintain the natural ecology.

New Screen Modules

We have been studying the screen module gameplay since ZOOM75, and we will continue with this addition on the ZOOM65 V3 this time.

- Based on the nameplate, we added a luminous badge
- You said the screen frame rate is low, so we adjusted it!
- You said that you can’t use the screen in single mode, well now you can!
- You said that the badge cannot shine, fixed!
- You said that installation is too troublesome, changed!
- You said nameplate data cannot be open source, now it is!

[Renders for the 4 modular](

New Design Elements

Tail light design

In terms of appearance, it continues the star waistline design that the ZOOM series has always had and incorporates elements of the telephoto planet into the bottom outline of the keyboard. Based on the family style, it has been upgraded with different changes. On the top of the keyboard, we made a taillight-style shape. Maybe you don’t have a Panamera, but the Panamera’s taillights can light up your desk.

Regarding the lighting, our studio also experienced some debate. Half of the people said they like the tail lights because the emitting light is so good! The other half said they didn't want taillights and wanted to keep the original simplicity and purity. In this case, we will make them all to meet everyone’s needs!

Different Weight designs

The telescope has always been a familiar design of MELETRIX and has been used since the early products. This time, in addition to the classic telescope pattern external counterweight, we have also prepared external weights of different designs and styles for you.

Soon we will also launch an external weight design competition. If you also want to design your own unique external counterweight, you are welcome to sign up and show off your skills.

Different Backplate Designs

This time, in addition to the 16 colors matching the top case, the Backplate also provides other options for everyone.

In addition, there will be a special RAW version of the backplate. The knife pattern matches different lights and shines making this simple keyboard very domineering at the same time.

Special Backplate Design

5. New technologies

Not long ago we released the magnetic switch based BOOG75. This time the ZOOM65 V3 will also launch a HE magnetic switch module, which you can choose according to your needs.

6. Product information

Below are the detailed parameters and exploded view of the product.

1.Size: 65%
2.Material: cc
3.Process: Full CNC
4.Bearing mount:
•Short arm spring mount
•Non-load-bearing spring mount
•Split-O-RING mount
•Magnetic levitation mount
•Silica gel particle mount
•TOP mount
•Floating Pogo Pin Mounting
5.PCB: three options
•Tri-mode flex-cut 1.2mm
•Tri-mode non-flex 1.6mm
•Single mode non-flex 1.6mm
6.Typing angle: 6.5°
7.Forehead height: 22.33mm
8.Connection method:
9.Electrostatic protection
10.VIA and QMK Support
11.Rate of return for each connection method: 1kHz
12.Installation structure: bead quick-release connection

7. Social Media Channels

This time, the group is still open on the mini-program and the official website

For more details and updates, you can join the Discord group

You are also welcome to come and join us on our social media channels:

And welcome to fill in our IC form to share us your thoughts about Zoom65V3

8. Easter eggs

What if a wireless keyboard didn’t need to be plugged in, never needed to be charged, and didn't need to be charged in a fixed position on a table mat?
What if a mouse does not need to be plugged in, never needs to be charged (maybe there is no battery?), and does not need to be charged at a fixed location?
All of the above, and no need for a giant hard mat?
WOW!? What is this?!

This is honestly an interesting difference between the previous versions. Will there be a knobless version?


--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Tue, 06 February 2024, 21:41:16 ---This is honestly an interesting difference between the previous versions. Will there be a knobless version?

--- End quote ---

Yes, we'll have.


--- Quote from: Ckeeb on Tue, 06 February 2024, 22:10:35 ---
--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Tue, 06 February 2024, 21:41:16 ---This is honestly an interesting difference between the previous versions. Will there be a knobless version?

--- End quote ---

Yes, we'll have.

--- End quote ---
Well, you have my interest. I don't use my V1 much these days due to personal preference. But this V3 actually is interesting

Wow, really happy to see this! Will the trimode PCB support QMK as well, or will it only be the wired PCB? Also, will the PCBs be multi-layout hotswap as with the previous versions?


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