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ErgoDox - Custom split ergo keyboard.

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i was actually going to try to solder this weekend lol. i want to make a switch box for a CST trackball, and i was going to try it on that since i figured it wouldn't be too expensive if i messed it up.

The hard part of soldering is not cooking components.  The components on a KB are really quite heat tolerant.  80 some odd switches and just as many diodes would be plenty of training in order to not cook the controller.  Since Dox is specifying a teensy you don't even solder the controller, just board to board connections.


--- Quote from: litster;428699 ---That's not a very high number to make.  We should be able to get at least 5.  Input Nirvana should be getting at least 2!  ;)  More demand if we include the Korean community.

What kind of keycaps would fit?  Geninue double shot Cherry keycaps?  Any suggestions on the default layout?
--- End quote ---

Yeah I'll probably take 2 for myself too so we are already at 5! Genuine cherry keycaps will fit just fine except for the larger keys.

For the layout I was going for something similar the original key64 but in qwerty. This will be completely re-programmable.
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--- Quote from: dorkvader;428524 ---Why flat?
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I could elaborate a bit on this, but I'll summarize: curved is hard.

And curved PCBs are friggin expensive.


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