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ErgoDox - Custom split ergo keyboard.

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I am interested definitely.  How many do we need to get to the $400 range?

I was thinking something between 5 and 10 but the more the better.

That's not a very high number to make.  We should be able to get at least 5.  Input Nirvana should be getting at least 2!  ;)  More demand if we include the Korean community.

What kind of keycaps would fit?  Geninue double shot Cherry keycaps?  Any suggestions on the default layout?

since i dont know how to solder.. or actually build a keyboard.. would i be screwed in putting it together? im interested.

It isn't very hard at all.  I just taught a 11-year-old to solder this last weekend.  There are a lot of youtube videos that teach you how to solder.  Take a look at them.  If you think you can do it, go to Radio Shack to buy a $10 kit to give it a try.  If you can solder that kit, you should be able to solder switches and diodes onto the circuit board.


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