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[IC] What would you be willing to pay for blank or side print black POM keycaps?

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Someone on the forums might be able to source these but they might need a bit of a financial incentive.  I'd like to think there would be enough demand for 50 sets of 104 blank or side print black POM keycaps.  I may even contact and see if they would be interested in helping bulk up the ordering numbers.

Please answer these question(s):

1. How much would you be willing to pay tops?

2. How many sets would you order?  How would price reflect this?

3. Do you prefer blank or side print?

If you have no intention of paying please do not reply.

I would like one blank set, pay up to $55.

im up for the pom side print :) ill pay what ever the GB price is, since you cant even find side printed poms....right?  Someone please let me know if you can get them somewhere already!!

Cheaper = better since I've never tried POM caps before

What's an example of a keyboard with stock POM keycaps?  I'm just wondering if I've ever seen/typed on these. 


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