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[IC] Retro Sci-Fi KeyCap Set

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Sci fi used to be vehicles, robots, guns/weapons and other props but now it seems a lot of sci fi is internal/hidden.  Kind of like how horror used to be real monsters and now the scariest stuff are the things you can't see and you don't know who the enemy is (serial killers, crazy neighbors, terrorists, big conspiracies).

When I think classic sci fi I think flying saucers, rockets, War of the Worlds ships, air locks, helmets with antennas, tentacles, computer consoles with big buttons and lights, chrome (not the browser),  robbie the robot, landing pods with spindly arms,  jet packs. 

I know most of those are not iconic images themselves but maybe it might spark an idea?

Can I say one thing?


Maybe we should focus on just a single retro sci-fi keycap, as opposed to a set?

Raygun? Or walking eye?


Klaatu barada nikto.  Definitely need a Gort image.

Really, the sky's the limit.  You're probably going to find that you've too much content, so you'll have to figure out some sort of theme to tie some images into a common set.  Images will have to fit key caps, so that means small icons.

Rocket ship (with wings)



You could do a number set of planetary symbols, plus the Sun for 10.


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