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[IC] Custom/Switch Stickers - ONLY $1 for 128 stickers - Taking votes on color

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==================================================================Branching off from this thread:

Since I was able to get good pricing and finally some good shipping rates for individual packages, I am planning on starting a group buy for these switch stickers.

The IC is to see if there will be a good number of orders for switch stickers. The designs, colors, shipping costs and all are mentioned below.

Switch Stickers ???

They make your board look pretty! The sticker is used to eliminate the small movement (left-to-right) in the plastic part of the switch, so it is not something major as oiling & greasing, but the sensitive keyboard enthusiasts could not stand that tiny flaw and made stickers that fit perfectly in that small crack of the switch.

Also helps with PCB switches, think about it, the plate already helps significantly in stabilizing the switch since it holds the bottom of the switch and the legs that hold the top half in place.  On PCB mounted switches you only have the contacts, legs, and potentially a diode or LED to stabilize it, but the top half of the housing has more room to wiggle and play.  So if the top is loose on PCB mounted, it will wobble more.  The sticker is supposed to make the top less wobbly and stabilize it more.

These stickers would go really well with this GB as it would show of your stickers!

The Design
Click below to show the sticker designs
The vinyl is 3mil for colored and 4mil for the metallic ones.

Below are the three designs that will be available:


Moose (Best IMO):

Spider (Maybe not):

The sheets will be 6"x12" and have 8x16 stickers.

See my review of these here:

The Colors
Colors can be seen here:

There is no MOQ on total orders but atleast 10 sheets for any color for the whole GB, can be combination of any of the 3 designs (Eg, 3O, 3M, 4S).

This is not for individual orders, this is for the complete GB

Time Frame
I would like to get this done as quickly as possible. I will be sending samples to jdcarpe in the next couple of days. Samples, sent and he approves of them.

Once the GB starts:
- 3 week - ordering
- 2 weeks - invoicing
- 2 days - production
- 1 week - prepare for mailing
- Around 2 weeks - shipping from me to you

So around 2 months from GB start to receiving product

The Costs + Shipping
Each sheet will contain 8x16 stickers = 128 stickers folded in half and be mailed in a CD/DVD bubble mailer by Registered Indian Post.

The price for any sheet would be $1 only!

Weight of bubble mailer + some extras (Surprise!) = 25g
Weight of one sticker sheet = 12g

For shipping within India: $1.5/kg

Shipping will cost (Same worldwide):
$4 for first 100g
$1 for every additional 100g

So you can get upto 6 sheets in the base shipping cost ($4), and upto 7 more for each extra 100g ($1).

Maximum weight is 2000g. If you want to order more, will have to use bulk mailer, contact me via PM as shipping varies depending on location for bulk orders.

PayPal will be the only mode for payment.

These costs have been mentioned factoring all costs such as productions, costs for getting these to me, bubble mailer package, etc as well as PayPal fees. So what you see is what you pay.

More Stickers!
If you have some design you want made into a sticker this can be arranged at the give prices below. Any design can be plotted as long as it is in black and white.
The black part will be made into a sticker

Complex designs can be printed on transparent sheet, thus having an opaque look or printed on white vinyl. They will then be cut along a borderline  based of your design.. Just like printing a sticker at home and cutting it out, except instead of being on paper it would be on clear or white vinyl.
The Pikachu would be printed and cut along the white part, it can be cut without a border but there is a limitation on the detail for small sized stickers.

There is no MOQ for custom designs, you can get even one sticker printed.

Costing would be $ 0.02 per sq. inch printed or plotted.

Release stickers (Area around sticker not needed removed and a clear tape added on top to peel the sticker to stick it somewhere and then remove the tape) would cost $0.09 per sq. inch.

If vinyl is not from Table 1.1 charges would be halved and price of vinyl used added. Shipping weight for 1sq inch of vinyl is 0.175g.

All custom stickers requested so far:

Size (net) is the actual size of the sticker
Size(gross) is the size of the vinyl used for cutting the sticker as there are extras (around 2-3mm) on the sides to accommodate releasing and cutting the stickers.
Weight and price is calculated based on the gross size of the sticker.

Vinyl Please!
I have gotten some message regarding people wanting to buy vinyl only, this option will also be available at below rates:

Add $0.5 extra to shipping for larger bubble mailers

However the weight of the bubble mailer will increase from 25g to 70g.

Vinyl will cost you $0.01 per sq inch for any of the vinyls listed in the Table 1.1 and at given costs in Table 1.2.

For the vinyl from Paper Street Plastics contact me via PM.

Max size of vinyl is 12"x12", if you want bigger sizes, PM me and we'll work something out as then I have to use different packaging and shipping depending on quantity.

I would like to thank the following members:
mkawa - inspiring me to go ahead and do this
infiniti - for cutting and tetsing the true first batch of the stickers
BlueBar - Providing scans of the Korean Sticker Sheet
jdcarpe - Volunteering to inspect quality of the sticker sheet
codyeatworld - Assistance in GB webapp
pillon - For original design files at KBDMania

Bulk Orders
I would like to invite vendors to contact me for bulk orders if they would like to stock these in their online stores, I will see bulk ordering options in those cases and see if prices can be reduced further by eliminating extras that ship out to other members.

Feel free to leave feedback, express interest, raise queries!

Please mention the colours you are looking to get the stickers in!


I'm in.

In!  Also need better photos of the available colors :)

Those metallics look pretty tasty. Will those be available?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each design?


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