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Updated 26 Aug

Yes I made a few changes and now I'm quite satisfied with these:

The White base

The Pink mods 01

And Pink mods 02

The Grey mods 01

And the Grey mods 02

So basically the White base & the Pink mods have the same color as how they was in Round 1 of Valentine set.
The White base has the font alignment changed to centered in order to be a bit different to its predecessor and make both sets be unique in its own way ^o^
The Pink mods is almost the same, only with some small editings and extras. The Prt Sc & Pause keys will have front pad-printing legends for a completed looking.

The Grey mods is a whole new kit giving the elegent looking for the set, with simple text legends and symbols.

Here is the first round's topic:

For 6 months, I've received lots of requests for the extra of the Valentine keyset, also many requests for me to organize another round of the Valentine keyset after knowing that I have no extra set for real. I think now I should do something to satisfy the people who actually loving the keyset, and would like to share the love with the others.

I've had some ideas for the next Valentine keyset GB

- The Legends: Some new legends are being considered. For the regular ones, I prefer using the centered CAPITALS legends for all parts because of its high visibility. But:
   + If the majority wants the modifiers with both text and icon legends, I might consider to use the font almost like Round 1 set's, with some small changes.
   + If the majority wants the modifiers with icon-only legends, I would like to hear your opinions about new icon-only legends for the bottom row (Ctrl row...)

- The Color scheme:
   + The standard base's color is Pink on White (most likely be RCS on WFK)
   + There will be 2 (or may be 3?) color for the modifiers:

     First option of color for the modifier part might look like this:

     It's RCR on GSL. The reason I picked GSL because it goes along with WFK very well in real life color. It's a cold & bright shade of grey, and it's very easy to go with other color. I would like to have a set that looks elegant. Try to imagine a white HHKB with pink letters. That's it, of course the colors are not exactly the same.

     The second option is the return of the 1st round Valentine set:

     It's WFK on RCR. Nothing much to talk about this color combination because everyone has seen quite a lot of pics of it. To be honest I prefer something different for the 2nd round, we could come back anytime later. But anyway... here it is. It still looks more attractive than the first option I suppose.

     The third option is the most definite thing I would like to do this time,  I still have something to do with it so I will reveal this soon later.
     So everyone please choose and let me know what option you like the most, the first or the second one...
*The pictures are just mockups and are not finals. The actual kits will contain many other keys for different layouts / color ways.

- The Kits: I'm thinking of doing it like this
   + Standard base includes every key in White cap (with Spacebars) for tenkeyless board.
   + Colored (Grey or Pink) modifier keys will form 2 kits
      - 60% layout kit: every colored modifier keys for all the 60% board layouts (includes 1x Backspace, ISO Enter, stepped Caps, 1.5x Ctrl...)
      - Additional kit: the rest colored keys (full function row keys, Insert, Del... Arrows,...) for the tenkeyless board.
   + Numpad kit will be the regular numpad kit but with both colors for modifiers

=> Reasons:
     - I would like to provide a set that could be used on almost every layout keyboard out there, so you don't have to look for other keys later if you use the set on different board. I'm still looking for and trying other methods to setup the kits the best way for that purpose.  You will have the keys for almost every layout - it's a good thing for you for the long-term use.
     - I think almost eveyone will pick the Standard base, so its price would become cheaper and cheaper.
     - I believe there are so many people using the 60% board these days, so by providing the 60% layout kit it would be more convenient for them to be able to order just the 60% layout keys of both colors. More colors, and cheaper than usual.
      - People own the 1st round Valentine set can choose to order other colored modifiers to have the new look, or just order the base to replace the typing area base set...
     - So if we have two options for color of the modifiers, we will have 6 kits for the GB, not too many right?

Yes I NEED your recommendation / thoughts / opinions... anything for a better GB... Just tell me tell me plzz....


YES x100000000000000

I honestly think Pink on white is the only way to go :|.

Return of round 1 :D


yes im in

with bells on

Any 'heart' keys?

Definitely go with the large centered font and add in the community keycaps again like the KBD and GH caps.


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