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[IC] Poker 2/GH60 transparent case China proxy

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Hi guys,

I saw these come up on reddit

This site only sells to China.

Would Qtan be the best bet to see if he could act as a proxy?

I think I would probably have to get others interested to make it worth his time?



Can you post any details?

What options are there for this?

FYI I saw them on this post

I've asked QTAN if he could be a proxy (as the website is a Chinese equivalent to Ebay and only ships to China) and am waiting a response. I'm seeing if there is interest with other members of the forum as he may only do it if there's enough people interested!

The options translated from the site I linked originally are (from left to right), red and white, white and transparent and fully transparent.

114 Yaun convert s to about $18 !!! That seems like an incredibly cheap alternative cool case to an metal enclosure?? Don't you think?

Depending on how close to that $18 mark we can get after shipping + proxy fees, I might be interested…


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