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I recent found a friend with a pen turning mandrel and have even turned my own pencil out of Bacote. He has bushings for 2-3 styles of pen, however, I find slim line to be quite attractive. Here's an example of a slim line style pen that I turned out of Bacote:

Other styles or finishes (Chrome, gold or black hardware) pens or pencils are not out of the question, I would just need to special order new bushings and all the internals of the pen/pencil. I also have a friend who found a great deal on exotic hardwood pen blanks (however it's a random selection with no guarantees of having a wood you want)

So, if you're interested what woods would you like to see and at what kind of price?

These are nice. If you can get them down to $20 to $30, that would be sweet, but I'd pay up to $50 for something that would last a long time

Yeah, $20 would be the sweet spot for me.

If you can get exotic woods, I like Pau Ferro and Pau Amarello.


Any chance of something like that... with hammer and sickle inlay?


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Any chance of something like that... with hammer and sickle inlay?

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That style pen or the different woods inlayed? Both are possible, but I don't know if I could do a hammer and sickle


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