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[IC] HHKB Arrow Sets

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This may be inefficient but it just popped up in my head and sounds like a fun idea.

I really like the look of a plain HHKB with different colored arrow keys, and I know I'm not the only one. EK doesn't sell HHKB arrow sets, so I was thinking that we could all pitch in to buy full non-printed Realforce keycap sets and divide up the keys that are the correct profile for the HHKB arrow cluster. If my counting is correct, a 104 key Realforce set would give us 10 5 HHKB arrow sets (not including F, J, and numpad 5 since they have bumps). In addition, each set would give us lots of top row keys for use as an Esc or similar key. I think that, roughly, arrow key sets could sell for around $10 each and esc keys could be two or three bucks. Extra keys could be sold individually, maybe?

Let me know what you think. If this sounds like it could work, I don't mind handling organizing and shipping.

I think it'd be more like 5 sets, not 10.

If this happens in non printed blue ill chip in more $$$ just for the numrow


--- Quote from: esoomenona on Tue, 31 December 2013, 07:37:41 ---I think it'd be more like 5 sets, not 10.

--- End quote ---

You're right, my tired brain was counting the number of keys.

Depending on the color, I'm in.


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