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Would you guys be interested in spacebars laser engraved with "Enjoy Your Feeling" or whatever you like and the name of your keyboard instead of "Poker II?"
I can buy a mass order of spacebars and laser engrave them en masse, making the cost ~$10 shipped or less depending on the amount of orders.

Anybody interested?

Due to unforseen quality and mainly safety issues, I can not complete this project. For those who had their hopes up for something exciting, I apologize.

Seems cool! Maybe we could have a poll of whatever we want to be the text if itīs possible for you? :)

Oh yeah, totally!
I have super full access to laser cutting and am hella trained with that sort of thing so I need to toss together a quiz with custom inputs if enough people reply with interest

Sounds like a great idea. I'd love a spacebar which had "**** OFF" etched into the middle of it ;)

Perhaps can team up and offer this as optional extra service with my GMK spacebars?


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