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Ok, for a while now I've been jonsing for a nice simple looking set. I've been a big fan of the DSA Retro, but missed out on the group buy due to money issues.

Now, one set I've always wanted yet never understood why it hasn't been made is a white on black DSA set. Even in some of the sample images for the DSAs, they have a key like that.

Anyone else interested in such a set? I've been approved to lead a group buy on pimpmykeyboard, and trying to figure out all that needs to be done. Anyone have any preferences?

I was thinking on having the modifier keys spelled out instead of icons, unless majority says otherwise. Any preference on material? What about finish (Matte, Semimatte or gloss)?

I am thinking try to keep things simple, without having tons of kits. TKL and a kit for tenkey. Majority rules for most options. If there is a near even split, then we can see about more options. ISO depends on how many people want it.

UPDATE: May include RGB or CMY mods. Having the invert of white on black may be a possibility too.

material can be ABS only since the legend is lighter than the keycaps.

Apart from that I would just wait a couple of months before running another DSA set. We just had 2 (Skull Squadron and Granite).

Lastly, my suggestion would be to add as many options as you can, that's the only way to reach high-tiers.

I didn't figure it would be anything that could get started immediately anyway. You've got experience, so I am sure you can get things rolling fairly quickly when you have an idea. I'm still trying to hunt down resources for the templates and everything. I am thinking summer time would be the earliest this could get going anyway. Starting to see about testing the waters now, to see if it is even worth it to start jumping the hurdles a newb would have. Plus if I start doing interest checks early, I figure that would give more of a chance to get people interested in it and saving up.

As far as kits go, most of the ones I've seen had a good chunk of kits being different colors, where as if I do a monochrome set, that wouldn't come into play. ISO, different size spacebars, and then your basic ones for keyboard types (TKL, Numpad, Ergodox) are the only ones that spring to mind immediately. Are there some that I am missing out on?

You are the expert when it comes to this sort of thing, so I am definitely going to defer to your knowledge and wisdom.

if you are going to do it all black, you may consider adding some color. Red ESC and blue Enter are the first that come to my mind. Also RGB or CMY mods are very popular.

Add options to cover custom and weird layout keyboards (pure pro, fc660, etc) because that's what DSA is good for.

Forgot about the FC660 and Purepro having some funky sized keys.

What about sets with mods being a single color. So like red escape, enter, control, alt, shift? Would it be better to do that or just the two keys you say? Do a handful of them with different colors?


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