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[IC] SNACKS! Kit Kats, M&Ms, etc. (CONUS)

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It has come to my attention that we are in dire need of a snack GB.  I'd like to coordinate something to get delicious snacks into the US.  Post your interest here with what snack you might want, how many, and I'll keep a running tally in the OP. 

Availability will depend on potential sources and total quantity desired.  If only one person wants something from a unique source, it doesn't make sense to add it here, as they can simply buy it themselves for the same cost.  Make sense?  So we may need to omit some snacks (  :'(  I'm sorry  ) for the sake of feasability.  But that's where the IC comes in!  :)

Shipping notes
Okay, so some logistics.  I'm going to base my shipping choices on the scale of this whole thing.  I already have a bunch of flat rate boxes, and they're free, so that's a really easy option.  If enough people desire, I can buy some regular boxes to save a few bucks.  Either way is fine with me, so long as I can get ahold of the boxes.  I have a account, so the shipping rates should be quite reasonable.   :thumb:

On to the snacks! 
Organized by type, flavour (when applicable), and quantity requested:
Kit Kat - Green Tea (96)
Kit Kat - Passion Fruit (70)
Kit Kat - Royal Milk Tea (90)
Kit Kat - Mango (55)
Kit Kat - Strawberry (30)
Kit Kat - Citrus Golden Blend (30)
M&Ms ($2.50/160g) - Crispy (enough)
M&Ms ($2.50/160g) - Crispy Mint (5)
Coffee Crisp (25)
note: if someone expressed interest, but did not include an amount, I estimated a quantity of 10

General notes
I know that the Kit Kats are typically sold in the small packs of two sticks, and I'm assuming that M&Ms will be available in the smaller rectangle packaging.  In general, assume that the sizes will be the "small" sizes, unless otherwise noted or desired. 

I have not organized a GB before.  I am currently proxying for sprit's GB, but this is my first experience running a full-blown GB (assuming it works out.  ;) ).
As such, expect some things to go wrong.  I don't expect this to be flawless, and I hope you don't either.  But hopefully we can all get through this and enjoy some tasty treats in the end!   ^-^

I really want more Green Tea kit kats :D

The box I had last time, it was 12 bags of 12 packs of kit kats. I'd be interested in 3 bags so 36 packs of kit kats.

Down for some Kit Kats, I stupidly never tried the crazy flavors when I was in Japan!

In for x30 M&Ms Crispy

Is this for real? Because I don't want to get my hopes up for nothing. (AND now I'm hungry.)


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