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Ergodox cases, in layered metal (litster-like)

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So, I've re-upped the quotes, and not surprising, the costs have gone up...

I'm at work so I can't say a whole lot but here's the short version:

assuming CONUS, stainless steel cases in 1/16th inch ("sixteen gauge") shipped, would be $80

same ten pieces in 6061 aluminum, $52.

You'd need spacers of some variety; JDcarpe graciously provided a classic-shaped spacer used by others successfully; they're nine-and-a-quarter per copy in SS, or just over four and a half in aluminum. Eight copies per kit should be enough, so:

$76.50 in stainless, $38.25 in aluminum

Those numbers include paypal cut but in the case of spacers, not shipping because it'll fit in with the case you get.

Full-Hand is available too ...  $86 shipped conus, SS - no - spacers (remember they're shaped for classic) or $56 aluminum.

I have numbers for the minimalists versions and will post again later -- that will probably be sunday or monday.

Put me down for a full set in SS.

Did they even try to explain the price increase?

Still pretty cheap for all those layers.

I built an ErgoDox that's fully enclosed with the spacer layers, and it's a great build. I might need to modify the spacer layer drawing just a bit, because if you use two spacers between the switch later and the top layer, one keycap runs into the plate where the screw hole is, although it's not a huge problem. You definitely can't use three spacers there, though.

Oh my god yes, I've been waiting for this day.

I bought a 5 piece SS set of Malamute's last groupbuy. Honestly I don't know what I was thinking because it's the ugly duckling of all the sets. Not enough layers for a full case, but not minimalist either.

I will totally buy a full set of aluminum, and if I could somehow replace the missing SS layers so I have everything that would be even better.

Also, this is a ****ing fantastic deal everyone, well worth the money if you want a solid case for your dox, and still cheaper than the acrylic cases on mechanicalkeyboards.
****ing amazing, I love you man.

Interested in 10 piece alu!


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