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Zinc keycap for Topre switches.

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Hello everybody,

Due to a friend of mine who is very competent in metal works and various crafting techniques, I got the Idea of producing Zinc keycaps for topre switches.
We've talked cursorily about what is possible and what is not and before we start crafting the molds I'd like to check if you  are interested in such a cap? :)

The fist step is this interest check here.
If the feedback is positive we are going to produce the fist prototype, probabbly the ESC or FN key and see how this will turn out.
We a concerned about the stem because zinc is a relatively soft material but we will figure something out.
If you are satisfied with the result we will evaluate the pricing and start producing on demand.

Next step would be a replacement spacebar for the HHKB/Realforce so that you guys can get rid of the cheap ABS one, but this step will take a while.
Last step would be a whole keycap set, but this will probably take a while.

What do you guys think?


I'd like to see where this goes, so I'm interested.  fn key would be most sought after for me.  ;)

Nice to hear that, I think we are aiming for both, ESC and FN key!

I'd definitely be interested in a zinc fn.

This sounds cool!

My first concern is the added weight of the zinc caps. They would have to be made to be light or they will affect the topre switch function.

The next concern is the wear on the caps. Many of the previous zinc caps look ugly when they start wearing out.

I'm very interested anyway. :)


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