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Hello! I am Krelbit of Switchmod Keyboards. This thread will be a running log of my smaller projects.

Current Project: GMK Ki R2 (Early planning)
lmao i got popkorn to agree to run ki r2

it will be capped again, not sure it deserves a proper gb thread so we are back here.



I like tree.

I made this.

Base Kit

Set Details
Alphas: L9
Modifiers: U9
Legends: BR1
Sublegends: N7
UV-Printed Sublegends
Row Layout: 1-1-2-3-4-5

Buy details
Vendor: Me, poggers
Maximum order quantity: 130 sets
Price: $160 $165 USD
Buy Date: December 23
Buy ends as soon as MOQ is hit

Rendery bits

See you on the 23rd

For updates and discussion regarding this set, please join switchmod discord ty

love u

Slipline - R1
MoreThis is Slipline, my first small-scale stock keyboard buy.

Slipline is a 69-key 68% layout keyboard, inspired by my very first keyboard, the Qisan Magicforce 68. It has some quirks to it that make it slightly unique. The right shift and bottom row of this keyboard are currently fixed. I envision it to stay this way to chop down on variants during production which will make future runs of the board much easier to produce in a timely manner. During this initial run of 30 boards, I have two variants. The board has no weight, as I don't really like weights that serve no aesthetic purpose when the keyboard is laid flat down. However, the bottom piece, in future runs, will use different materials, which could increase the weight by a lot. An entirely brass bottom sounds fun. Each run of this board will feature two different color sets, and materials will vary over runs. Runs will be small, and hopefully we can make parts interchangeable so that if you're really after a certain configuration you'll be able to trade for it. My board features a 6.9 degree angle, and a seamless, top mounted design. RGB underglow is available on the PCB for this run's polycarbonate bottom and hopefully, future runs of the board with opaque case materials. I'm already thinking polycarb top cases and smoky polycarb bottoms. We've spent a while refining this and I really hope you enjoy how it looks.

Slipline has been in project stage for over a year now. Notably, the board's major design language was thought of in January of 2019 while I was using keyboards as a creative outlet for recovery after a breakup in late 2018. The PCB and CAD work were done by hineybush of hineybush Keyboards. Napkin drawings and a business model were and will be provided by yours truly.

Variant 1: Silver 6063 Alu / Polycarbonate.

Variant 2: Night Blue 6063 Alu / Ice Blue 6063 Alu.

Pricing per board: $420 per board. This does not include shipping.

Kit includes:
Top Case
Bottom Case
Plate (Silver aluminum only in R1)
Screws, rubber feet, funny business card.

TLDR Specs:
6.9 Deg. Angle
Top mounted Case
Seamless Design
USB-C, Centered port
QMK Firmware support
RGB underglow on PCB for opaque-material bottom cases.
No Hotswap
Fixed split right shift
Fixed 1.25/1.25/1.25/6.25/1.25/1.25/1.25 bottom row.
Black PCB, white silkscreen.

Extra PCBs will be available at $40 each if purchased with the board, then $45 each onwards.

This is not a group buy.

Part of the cost of this board comes from the fact that when you buy it, you will receive it most likely, within a week. I fronted the total cost for these boards to be able to work on it at my convenience. This round is, however, a Limit 1 per customer FCFS sale.

QCing will happen live on stream (, with boards going up one by one as they are QC'd. For a better idea of when to tune in, follow me on twitch, or join the Switchmod Keyboards Discord (, and opt into the Twitch and/or Slipline roles.

QC streams will happen across multiple days, because I am not a masochist. But they will all happen concurrently.

If you're international, start looking for international proxies. Shipping within the US will cost $30, but shipping internationally will use the most expensive shipping available, and as a flat rate i will be charging $120 USD. I do not want to ship internationally. You will most likely save $30-50 usd by using a proxy.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you're interested in this weird pet project I've had going on for a long time.

More Materials

Variant 1 Slipline, Prototype Green PCB:

Variant 2 Slipline:

Prototype Slipline Build Stream by TaehaTypes

Assembly Tutorial by Hineybush


Thank you to hineybush for helping to bring this project to life.

In no particular order,

I'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to hineybush (again), friglesnart, zekkin, megabeef, manofinterests, duckboi, lightning, midori, kelly, frostbyte, taehatypes, bisoromi, propipe, tonkatonk, ryan bussy, perry, noricon, shenpai, "Irene", mart, r3msky, tomu, xondat, the rest of you, binge, rensuya, and SL.

Your contributions to this board and my life are greatly appreciated, and I love you all.



"Slipline is a 69-key .... 6.9 Deg. Angle ...$420 per board."



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