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It's GIVEAWAY Time #2 !!!!!!! "" WINNERS ANNOUNCED ""

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The WINNERS are :

#1  Sygaldry
#2  geogga
#3  Evo_Spec
#4  splitfile
#5  SlotH42
#6  do_Og@n

Thank you for all of your participation and support. :)

-- Giveaway 6 Hot Keys --
How to WIN : Tell me WHY you love the mechanical keyboard

Time : From Today up to 17 Nov 11:59 (EST)

I will pick up "6 winners" and will announce the Lucky guys on 18 Nov, each winner will get 1 keycap (I will random and sent out)

Good luck to all , i m waiting for your story :)

I love the mechanical keyboard because it gives feedback that rubber domes can't. They also are completely customizable, you can make your own, the travel distance is like no other, and the endless possibility of keycaps. If you want it in any configuration, you can have it. The different form factors are amazing, allowing me to take my 60% to school, while allowing me to have it at home and I can carry it in my backpack safely. The community support is amazing and if you have a question, there is almost always an answer.

Feels that suit you best? Check.  :thumb:
Varying sizes for all types of needs? Check.  :thumb:
Different colors for different tastes? Hell yeah check!  :thumb:
And so much more...
The modding possibilities are so vast, my mechanical keyboard is the thing I use the most while on the computer, so in a way, when I customize it and mod it to my tastes, it becomes my identity. I love my mech board cause I love myself  ;)

I love mechanical keyboards because they make something that I do the most everyday even more enjoyable. I am pretty sure that this keyboard will be working for years, so it is super nice to have around.

I love them because there is a mechanical keyboard for everyone. And if there isn't, you can make one that is tailored to your every need. You don't get that kind of variety and customability (made up word) with rubber domes or any other type of non-mech. And the community surrounding such a hobby that deals with nothing more than a computer input device is surprisingly populated and helpful!


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