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2014 Christmas Giveaway #3 "" WINNERS ANNOUNCED ""

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Congratulation to all the guys below :

#1  swill
#2  Lu_e
#3  scubaste
#4  ZimmunD
#5  drewba
#6  fabian101

Thank you for all of your support ,Wish you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year  :)

-- 2014 Christmas Giveaway --

Since I started in GeekHack, I met a lot of friends from all over the world and i got to learn about different types of keyboards, and i had the pleasure of viewing many precious keyboard collections.

I am most grateful that we have a lot of supporters and now I wish to share our love to everyone. :)


How to WIN : All it takes is for you to share with us your most memorable Christmas moments with us.

Time : From Today up to 24 Dec 23:59 (EST)

I will pick up "6 winners" and will announce the Lucky guys on 26 Dec, each winner will get 1 keycap (I will random and sent out)

Good luck to all , i m waiting for your story.

Everyone is welcome to join  :D

Great idea, let's give it a shot :)

My best Christmas moment  was 1995. I was 10 years old and had just been a "gamer" for roughly 1 1/2 years, owning my precious Sega Mega Drive. The Playstation released earlier this year, I was pretty stoked, but already figured that it was too much money for my parents (I have 2 sisters, also). I made up a tough savings plan to reach my goal around summer next year, even got a small job as a paper boy.

On Christmas Eve (Germans exchange gifts in the evening of Dec 24th), my dad came up to me and told me he was very proud. He gave me an envelope and inside there was a self made coupon, it said "Financial Gamer Support" and that they would help me get a console of my choice. The list was "Sega Game Gear", "Super NES", "Game Boy". I looked at it and as you could imagine, as a 10 year old, I was pretty down, totally not getting the joke.

My dad looked at me and asked if there was something wrong with the list and I asked him if the support could go to a PSX, too. Then he smiled, "oh, you want a Playstation?", went to the kitchen and came back with a box. You guys can imagine what a joyful moment it was to take out not only a psx, but also a copy of C&C 1 and one of Destruction Derby. I played C&C the whole evening and even got one of my sisters to join in. It was her first time gaming and she's still on it until today.

I guess that's my best Christmas I can remember. Although it's a material story, it was the best of all :D

Merry Christmas folks!

Well, here goes...

I remember one Christmas that I was in North Carolina with relatives. Sounds fun? Not exactly. It never is fun.
Now, it is at least tolerable, but I had the flu around that time, which just kicked the tolerable meter down quite a few notches.

I was in a hotel -and yes, before anyone asks, I was about seven- when I felt a horrible feeling stir in my gut. I ran from the room only to realize in horror my mistake. The bathroom in the hotel was out the other door. I tried frantically to get back in, gagging as I did it. Before I finally woke someone with my pounding, I puked all over the "nice" hotel carpeted floor.

On the bright side, I didn't have to go outside and got to lay in a hotel all day, so that was nice.

May your holidays be better than mine,
Merry what-ever-you-celebrate!

One of my most memorable Christmas moments, was waking up to over 4 and 1/2 feet of snow in like, 1996, a few days before Christmas.

I friggen love the snow! It never feels like Christmas if there is no snow on the ground...

Thanks for the opportunity to win some caps, Martin! YEAH!


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