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Some of the HotKeys are now available at Mechanical

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Now some of my old keycaps can be buy from the Mechanical , manily for those who missed my sale before.

And i special designed 2 caps for Mechanical, if any one interested just go to Mechanical to order.

Raven - *MK Exclusive* Smoke - Red Eyes (by Hot Keys Project)

Warmaster - *MK Exclusive* Smoke (by Hot Keys Project)

Neat! :cool:

Meant to order these sooner (when they were on preorder), but I went ahead and picked up a Gasmask and that MK Raven. Awesome caps.

Bought a gasmask and white raven, Thanks! First Artisan keycaps!!!!

Rad! This is definitely a step in the right direction for artisan keycap makers. Imagine if all of your favorite keys that you'd seen around GeekHack were available on a website for purchase. Cool thought.

Thanks martin. That G2 smoke is tempting.


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