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#4 HotKeys Giveaway Time!!! ""WINNERS ANNOUNCED""

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Congratulation to all the Winners below :

#1  christophertsao
#2  FoC_Tow
#3  Lokomotivet
#4  GenKaan
#5  admiralvorian
#6  Synjin
#7  The feel is of the keys!

Since everybody collections so cool , i decided to add one more winner to this Giveaway :)

-- HotKeys Giveaway Time --

I would like to know what type of things you all like to collect, and by sending us pictures of your beloved collection (s), I will randomly give out lovely gifts as a token of appreciation for participation.

The Deadline is "Wednesday 29 April - 10:00AM (EST)" , I will announce "6 winners on 30 April" , each winner will get 1 Special HotKeys (Not For Sale).

Good luck to all :thumb:

Here are my collections.
I started my hobby since several years ago.
I love Converse very much, especially limited edition.
Some of my converse shoes even didn't wear yet (i dont want to make them Dirty :rolleyes: )
In the future if i see some converse i like , i will still collecting it :D

I don't have a picture of my collection as I'm a pretty new collector and don't have many yet.  As far as what I personally like to collect, it's all green and purple caps with the occasional blue or red thrown in.  I guess I also like pink ones.  I'll try to get some pics and edit my post!

Oh, wow, I hadn't even considered non-keyboard related hobbies.  I also collect comic books.  I'll try to get pictures of those as well. 

My humble collection :)

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As you know Martin, I'm heavily involved with dogs.  I have 4 personal dogs and 4 cats, but I have 9 dogs that are currently in training with me and looking for homes.

I tend to collect custom collars and leashes and bags.... It can be a little bit of a problem since I usually never leave collars on my dogs when they are all out playing. HAHA

I also have a very large collection of very gnarly injuries and dog bites----but no one wants to see those pictures!


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