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#5 HotKeys Giveaway Time!!! ""WINNERS ANNOUNCED""

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"Updated 15 July" - I already PM'ed all the Winners, sorry for the late PM.

Congratulation to all the guys below :

#1  trenzafeeds
#2  flabbergast
#3  ImpendingxDoom
#4  Belfong
#5  rm-rf
#6  iceman1925

Thank you for all of your support :)

-- HotKeys Giveaway Time --

Can you tell us or show us your FIRST keyboard (even not mechanical keyboards). I will randomly give out lovely gifts as a token of appreciation for participation.

The Giveaway is "from now up to 10th July"

I will announce "6 winners on 11th July" , each winner will get 1 Special HotKeys (Not For Sale).

Good luck to all :thumb:


This is my first keyboard (not mechanical keyboard) round about more than 10 years ago, still runnung normal  :thumb:

(The old keyboard is more practical than the present one just like Nokia. LOL)

Thanks Martin.  I'll be back  :eek:

First mechanical keyboard was a Das model s ultimate back in 2011! Always loved it since people would freak out about the letters not being on  the caps. Don't have the board anymore but will always remember it!

My first keyboard was the Apple Extended Keyboard, which came with my old Macintosh SE!  Good times!

Thanks for the giveaway Martin!


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