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#5 HotKeys Giveaway Time!!! ""WINNERS ANNOUNCED""

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Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway  :)

The first keyboard I ever got was a Logitech K120. Well...I didn't technically purchase it, my mom bought it for me out of the kindness of her heart  :-*

Have to admit, this keyboard has lasted a long, long time. It's been through a lot...almost all of college, many many gaming sessions, ragequits, etc. etc....

The first I remember purchasing was an Apple Wireless keyboard. This was my main "portable" keyboard throughout college. Before native Bluetooth HID support was a thing, I fondly remember rooting my Moto Droid just to install the needed files to get it working. I got quite a bunch of looks for using a keyboard with my phone. Even used it a few times to take notes during class...people looked at me odd then, but now we all use keyboards with iPads and whatnot.

Then there's the Razer Blackwidow I bought for my 21'st birthday. Mac was (and is) quite a special board to me. I'm actually selling it so I can get some cash for a HHKB, but that might be slightly unrelated. :blank:

Im old ....
My first Keyboard...
... Amiga 500   :D

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Thank you for the giveaway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first keyboard was the old ****ty dell that came stock with Dell computers. Eventually we all migrated to laptops, but I still used that thing to play with games. I still used it up until 2 summers ago when I got my Razer BWU. Here is a picture of it :) :
Untitled by skurela, on Flickr

My first "keyboard" was actually a typewriter that I wrote on when I was about 5 years old. The typewriter was one that belonged to my Grandfather when he was a CBS reporter in the 50s and 60s. My mom has told me that my Grandfather would be up late typing pretty much every night, and that her and her siblings would fall asleep to the sound of the keys. I still own the typewriter in question, and I'll update with a picture if I can find it.
Thanks for the giveaway!

My first computer was a Gateway 400c, IIRC this was the keyboard


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