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2015 Christmas Giveaway !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ""WINNERS ANNOUNCED""

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"Updated 18 December" - I already PM'ed all the Winners :)

Congratulation to all the guys below :

#1  Zanduby
#2  jdcarpe
#3  crayzieap
#4  Glenmael
#5  BrainFlush
#6  linkshine
#7  Corey
#8  henz

Thank you for all of your support, and have a Wonderful Merry Christmas :)

2015 Christmas Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!


How to WIN : How will you spend the Christmas with your love one?Please share your sweet plan with us :)

Time : From Today up to 15 Dec 23:59 (EST)

I will pick up "8 winners" and will announce the Lucky guys on 16 Dec, each winner will get 1 keycap (I will random and sent out)

Good luck to all , I'm waiting for your story ;)


My plans are a little tentative, but for this Christmas I hope to bring my girlfriend to our annual Christmas Eve party (Noche Buena) to meet one side of the family and then to the Christmas Day party to meet the other half of the family.

I recently got back in touch with some family members after 5 years, so I will be spending christmas day with them and have a nice roast dinner :)

Just the standard: visiting the in-laws on the Eve, then spending Day home with the immediate family. My side we'll visit that following weekend.

All the while I'll be typing with my sweet boards and moving the Elf from her shelf.


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