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Paraxite Split Project
« on: Thu, 07 January 2021, 11:15:21 »
Hello everyone,

I've been reading the forums and messin around mech keebs from a while, as visual artist I feel really interested about new systems that may challengue the conventions of functionality. Some months ago, a close friend released a custom font based on glyphs and he proposed me to do whatever I wanted to with that type. At the begining, I felt like making some keycaps with it could be great, working with materials related to the visual feel of the typeface (alien, sci-fi...), but then it evolved to making a complete custom keyboard based on the context of this typeface.

I was working with the goal to achieve something related to the real-world keyboards but with a surreal touch giving to it it that "out of this world" kind-of feeling. I dont have the skills nor the equipment to produce a real custom keyboard, so I developed the project in 3D. My intention as a visual artist was also to work around the idea of making a virtual object, as if it was real, even if it doesn't exist in a physical way. I feel like most of the times I enjoy this kind of experiences, watching videos, reading reviews etc. Is in a virtual enviroment, but I feel them very real. Hope to explain this in a good way, my english is not the best.

After several months of working with the shape, materials etc. I have some renders I wanted to share with all of you. My main intention with this is to not define wether this object it's real or not and play around that fantasy, obviously, it would be so great to be able to produce this properly.

The font is "Paraxite 2" created by ParanoidMe

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