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Cheapest way to try Miryoku style layout


I have recently started working from home and basically spending all day typing. I already have chronic pain from a genetic condition affecting my joints and I really want to avoid any new pain from all of this typing. I really want to purchase the Charybdis Nano, Iíve always used a trackball mouse so the combination sounds great.

However I want to see if I can get comfortable with that few keys before spending $450 AUD for the kit or $600+ for a prebuilt. I have seen people make split boards that are basically just a PCB (Ferris sweep). Or would hand wiring be best? What would be the most barebones cheap way for me to jump into this?

The cheapest way is around 0Ä.
Different software approaches to the layout is described on the Github repo.

The pricing you are describing for Carybdis Nano is a lot higher than what I would expect it to be.

If you want to try out split at the same time for the lowest cost there are lot of options. Corne and Ferris/Sweep are definitely recommendable. It's quite affordable if you buy a kit and solder it yourself. Usually Cherry-style switches/caps can be had for a lot cheaper than their Choc counterparts. If you have no local vendors available, most of these boards are open-source, allowing you to get the PCB manufactured and shipped for cheap-ish from a Chinese PCB manufacturer.

SweepV2 from JLCPCB


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