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When do you guys think we are going to see really big capacity SSDs in affordable prices?
Like 8TB and more?
We can get nice 4TB SSD (Crucial P3) for as cheap as $170, but as far as I saw 8TB is max we can find and its not just twice as 4TB part.
I guess nowadays 2TB SSD is cheap enough to be a standard. I wish we could get 8TB widely available for $250 for example.
When could this happen?

It's probably going to take a generational leap in tech before they drop that far and we're exceeding what the average user needs so don't expect them to really push on it.

As for when, there's a ton going on right now and we're seeing the end of Moore's Law so it's a bit hard to speculate but if I had to guess I'd say 1-2 years.
Keep in mind, memory has always been extremely volatile on pricing, someone could drop a new chip and crash prices or a lack of new chips/available foundries could cause stagnation, or a chip foundry could flood and close one causing a rise in prices...

You mainly see it after enterprise has seeped into the consumer market, so like LA mentioned, it will take a few years.  I'm happy with the lower cost of 2TB drives as I can migrate my game array and work array off the old 1TB 840 EVOs they are on.

I'm waiting till they make it mainstream - 8TB SSDs at low prices, so I could swap my 4TB USB 2.5 HDDs storage to SSDs :)

For personal use, I'll bet a lot of time. Businesses wants you to store your data in the cloud so they can milk our pockets monthly.


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