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Filco Majestouch 2 Camouflage Tenkeyless

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Kamikaze K:
Just ordered one with Cherry Black switches. Looking forward to owning my very first Filco Keyboard!!!  Using the BWU at the moment and about to swap it for a Ducky Shine with Blue's (when it's finally available to buy that is) but just couldn't resist this one anymore after looking at the pic's...

Have visions of many a BF3 marathons with this 'board... *insert daydream lookaway* (-_-) mmmm....

Where did you order it from?

Kamikaze K:
Ordered it from here... No too sure they ship to the US though....


--- Quote from: litster;424671 ---Where did you order it from?
--- End quote ---

Soulfree914 was kind enough to order it for me and shipped together with my Leopold "Otaku" from Iomania.

Oh, good to know.  So both Soulfree914 and Kant1972 work with IOMania?  I ordered a 87U 10th year anniversary edition from IOMania though Kant1971.


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