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Ducky 1087 XM w/ Green ALPS type switch

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I've always liked ALPS switches, moreso, even than Cherry switches, so even with all the bad press, I convinced myself to take a leap of faith on this board. I had the ABS M1 as an introductory mechanical board, I didn't really like the ALPS Black switches, but I LOVED ALPS white switches. So much, in fact, that I swapped the ABS switches out for White switches from a keyboard I found next to a dumpster. That board was bliss, but the controller had a ghosting/transposing issue, and I type pretty fast. I retired it for a Scorpius M10 (Cherry Blue), and now I'm on a Razer Blackwidow. While neither board are regarded as especially great, I'll live.

This board came in today, and there is a pronounced key wobble, much moreso than my ABS board. I'll have to investigate more as to why that is, though. The switches are much louder than my ALPS whites, and a tiny bit louder than my Cherry blues. I would say that the tactile feel of the key is more pronounced than the Cherry Blues, but the build quality of this particular keyboard is pretty terrible. The base layer of the case is bent a little bit, so it wobbles from bottom left to top right corners. It's even worse with the legs folded "open."

With that said, I do like the feel of the switches, but the noise has a "clang" in the reverb after a key is struck, sort of like a buckling spring board. Overall, I'd say I prefer the key feel over my Black Widow, but compared to the other ABS switches I've tried, these don't sound as solid. I'll get over the annoyance of the sound, I think, and work on this board for a while. I prefer my keyboards to have the 10 key, as I do use it to type, but I wanted to experiment with a TKL board and see how it feels with gaming. Maybe I'll be a convert.

Cheers (this might be my first post, now that I come to think of it)...


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