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Geekhack Site Compromise


As you are undoubtedly well aware, the original Geekhack site was compromised a couple months ago using a zero-day database vulnerability in vBulletin 4.  It was a targeted attack by a well known hacker group.  They weren't after anything other than notoriety, as far as we can tell.  They were able to get full access to the site files and the database, which exposed everyone's encrypted passwords.  This means that you must change your password both here and anywhere else you may be using that same password.  Even encrypted passwords can be cracked using various tools, depending on their strength.

Click here to reset your password.

We've rebuilt the site from the ground, up using better hardware and software.  We hope the site will be more reliable overall, as a result.  We were able to import the vast majority of the old vBulletin site into SMF.  Posts, PMs, etc up to the beginning of the attack should be available to you.  We were not able to save attachments or avatars, though.


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