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The Church Of Halverson

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Is he a GirlShark? Or a WizBro?



--- Quote from: Capitalistix on Sat, 13 April 2013, 07:37:50 ---Is he a GirlShark? Or a WizBro?

--- End quote ---

Both, actually ;)

I heard he's Scarlett Johanssen...and mah bro :D


--- Quote from: Sifo on Sat, 13 April 2013, 07:39:47 ---Show Image

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Are you impyling, that he is the prophesized one?

The one to walk both Girlshark and Wizbro paths, forsaking all relationships and societal ties so that he may suffer in silence and deliver us from our shortsighted unenlightened ways, as is his burden?

The one to end the reapers unending cycle?

The one to finish the fight?

The one to slay Alduin?

The one to eschew the princess' love, in order to maintain a pure path, no matter the castle?

Is this what it truly means to be the Son of Halver?


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