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ok please let me know if I missed anyone from the vendor's forums... need help scanning the classifieds please.

if I have listed you on this page and you are no longer accepting orders please post here and let us know.
I know that some of you have backorders and are no longer taking new orders until the backlog is done.

i think this thread deserved to be in the sticky...

and also, the cables, got 2 more people making cables... whiskerbox and paranoid cables...

Photekq has done CAD modeling before but I'm not sure if he's offering that as a full blown service.

Jdcarpe does assembly but it's the same situation as Photekq, not sure if he's doing full service or just something he does on the side.

I don't know if The_Ed offers his soldering as a service like some of the others do, but I know he's offered to do it for people in the past.

thrashwolf does illustration services.  I don't know the quality, but I know he offers them.  There are one or two other people who do the same, but I'm blanking on the names.

You also can't forget shadovved's stickers.

And I do wood handled wire key cap pullers in addition to the cables.

Edit:  And should we add Taobao proxying to the list?  Qtan is the only one I know who does it officially as a service.


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