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What are you watching? The thread about what you're watching.

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Werk lineup, Tp4 can't watch OLED for a whole month.

The Last Kumite (2024),

Now, supposedly this movie was deliberately made in the style of an 80s action b-movie.

Yes, it succeeds in that respect.

The HDR is really badly mastered, SDR version might be better.


Mother Instinct (2024).

Reviews bombed, but Tp4 thought it weren't bad. Some movie trope bad science, but it's pretty watchable.

The script relied on the ol' chloroform makes you sleep gag, but chloroform smells almost exactly like acetone, and stings just as much, there's no way anyone gets chloroformed in real life.

Also a house mom from the 60s-80s knowing how to setup a scenario like in the film. Anne Hatheway's character lifts the chimney from the water heater, to cover for her double homicide, making it look like a carbon monoxide accident. Hrrm?

Watched, Atlas, with J-Lo.

TBH, if they had a better cast, this movie would've been alright.  It's not that J-Lo is a bad actress, she's very old, so almost all older people are decent actors,  but that's the catch-22,  they become better actors with age, but their screen presence diminishes as the physical youth cues disappear, the audience no longer cares how the acting is, they won't even pay attention.

Reviewers complained about the plot, this is honestly as good as any gundam movie plot could be in 1hr 30mins.

Die Hart 2,  not a good movie.

The first 1 wasn't great either.


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